Personalized health plans for optimal well-being
Advanced blood testing in your home or office, custom health plans, and 1:1 consults with longevity-focused physicians

Enhance your health from the comfort of your home

Ready to become the healthiest version of yourself?


We offer both in-clinic and concierge blood draw, where a phlebotomist will come to your home or office for a 15-minute blood draw.


We create a custom health report outlining your future health risks and recommendations to improve your health by analyzing +50 biomarkers.


Work with a physician focused on improving your suboptimal biomarkers and help you set and achieve your health goals.

We track +50 biomarkers to optimize your health

By analyzing +50 biomarkers and your medical history, NiaHealth gets a clear picture of your future health risks. Backed by the latest clinical research, you can be confident you’re getting insight into what matters.
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14 biomarkers
5 biomarkers
5 biomarkers
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Personalized plans for better health

NiaHealth provides personalized recommendations catered to your test results and preferences. Our cutting-edge platform provides you with custom insights and recommendations to transform your health and well-being.
Health Insights

Consult a longevity-focused physician

Our physicians are focused on the applied science of longevity

This is not your primary care doctor. NiaHealth physicians are specifically focused on longevity to help interpret your results and answer any questions you might have.

Healthspan Optimization

A longevity physician’s focus is on prevention and how to optimize healthspan - rather than on treating the complaint of the day or managing an acute illness.

Preventive Approach

A longevity physician routinely assesses biomarkers from a preventive as opposed to diagnostic lens, seeking indicators of one's healthspan - rather than testing based only on symptoms.

Personalized Strategies

A longevity physician attempts to provide detailed lifestyle interventions and personalized strategies as prescriptions - rather than general guidelines for you to follow, helping you take action quicker and more strategically than you may otherwise be able to.

Our Offerings

Real Stories, Real Impact.

Precision Ignites Motivation
NiaHealth was incredibly effective in providing me with the motivation I needed to take a proactive approach to my health and fitness. The biomarker assessment is a deep dive into health metrics that you wouldn’t have regularly considered, and now I have something tangible to work towards and maintain.
NiaHealth Essential Customer
Life Changing Health Insights
My experience with NiaHealth has been life-changing. The information shared has brought awareness using the latest techniques and providing the information in an easy format with action items specific to my age and bio-marker results. The feedback was very motivating and provided detailed suggestions that will assist with longevity on my personal health journey.
NiaHealth Essential Customer
Insightful, Actionable Guidance
I found the report very well organized, with practical advice aligned against facts uncovered in my bloodwork. The debrief with Dr. Saleh provided further insights and reinforced my desire to take action and address the findings.
NiaHealth Premium Customer
Exceptional Value & Top-Notch Service
NiaHealth was a great experience all around. I looked at many options in the US and Canada and they were the best value, and very thorough. The customer service was top-notch as well. Would recommend.
NiaHealth Essential Customer
Superior Biomarker Testing Service
I wholeheartedly recommend NiaHealth without any reservation. In my quest for a Canadian company specializing in biomarker testing, I was delighted to discover one located near me. From the initial blood draw to the concluding meeting with the doctor, every step of the process was handled with professionalism and efficiency. Their commitment to excellence in service delivery has left me thoroughly satisfied with the entire experience.
NiaHealth Premium Customer
In-Depth Health Assessment
Canadians who want ownership of their health journey with a focus on wellness, longevity and disease prevention will appreciate the NiaHealth assessment.  I was impressed with the breadth of the report summarizing my results – while a slice of the bloodwork was already being monitored through my family doctor, there were so many additional markers that provided insightful information about my health. Highly recommend!
NiaHealth Essential Customer


Which biomarkers are covered in the blood test?


Our comprehensive panel includes 50 biomarkers related to your health and longevity, including cardiovascular health, liver function, kidney function, blood glucose levels, and various essential vitamins and minerals. You can read about them here.

Does NiaHealth replace my primary care provider (PCP)?


No - the full set of biomarkers and tailored reference ranges we review go beyond the current standard of what is included in a periodic health examination and are specifically meant to evaluate your health and well-being from a proactive, long-term perspective. We encourage you to think of NiaHealth as complementary to your existing primary care.

Does NiaHealth prescribe medications?


No - we do not prescribe medication. However, we do provide, where applicable, suggestions. For interventions (including medications and supplements), we include a note of suggestions that you can discuss with your current medical team. Prescriptions are left to their discretion.

I have an existing illness or condition. Can you help treat it?


We offer advice to enhance your current health state, emphasizing prevention through exercise, nutrition, sleep, and emotional well-being but not medical management of existing illness. If we discover any incidental health issues, we provide suggestions for discussion with your primary care provider. While our suggestions impact overall health and various chronic conditions, comprehensive medical management of existing illnesses remains the responsibility of your current medical team.

Do I need a requisition to order a test?


NiaHealth provides a requisition that you will use so you don’t need to worry about this.

Why is NiaHealth different than my regular family doctor?

  • NiaHealth includes 3-4x more lab tests than your average annual checkup in Canada. This includes heart, thyroid, metabolic, kidneys, liver, nutrients and more. See a list of all biomarkers we test for here.
  • We also use the most up-to-date, evidence-based reference ranges customized to your healthspan and longevity.
  • Our reports go well beyond your average 15 minute checkup and provide you with a level of insight and actionable recommendations that empowers you to take your health to the next level. See more about our products here.

What are my options for getting a blood draw?


Our standard pricing includes a blood draw in the comfort of your home or office via one of our licensed phlebotomists; this visit usually takes no longer than 15 minutes. If you are in Ontario, you can save $100 by going into any one of our partner lab locations.

Do I need to fast?


It is required that you fast for 8-12 hours for most tests. For this reason, we recommend that you plan for a morning test.

Are my results going to be shared with my insurance company?


No - we take data privacy and security very seriously. Your results are for your eyes only and will be handled in keeping with our privacy policy.

Are NiaHealth services covered by my insurance plan?


NiaHealth’s services are not covered under public/government health insurance plans in Canada. However, our service is considered a CRA-eligible medical expense. You should review the terms of your private health insurance plan or consult with your insurance plan provider to determine if NiaHealth’s service is eligible for reimbursement under your private health insurance plan.