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Getting ready for your blood draw

Important information for you to follow before and after your blood draw

Guide for your blood draw

After you've purchased a NiaHealth plan, here is an outline of what to expect for your upcoming blood draw. Important information on your blood draw below - please ensure you fast for 8 hours prior!

In-clinic draw

Visit one of our partner (Dynacare) clinics for your blood draw - a list of locations can be found here. Dynacare does not accept appointments at all locations. However, you can check live wait times and check-in virtually with the link above to minimize your wait.

Also, please note - we will send you a copy of your requisition via email which you need to show the front desk at your chosen Dynacare location!

Mobile draw

A licensed phlebotomist from our lab partner, Dynacare, will be in touch with you within the 3 business days after your purchase via phone to schedule your mobile blood draw.



Frequently Asked Questions

Coverage & Insurance

Are NiaHealth services covered by my insurance plan?

NiaHealth’s services are not covered under public/government health insurance plans in Canada. However, our service is an HSA-eligible expense (in addition to CRA-eligible medical expense), but it is recommended that you check with your insurer first. You should review the terms of your private health insurance plan or consult with your insurance plan provider to determine if NiaHealth’s service is eligible for reimbursement under your private health insurance plan or any other supplemental benefits.

Are NiaHealth services HSA-eligible & CRA-eligible medical expenses?

Yes - our service is HSA-eligible and CRA-eligible medical expenses, but it is recommended that you check with your individual insurer if our services can be covered under any of your other supplemental benefits.

Are my results going to be shared with my insurance company?

No - we take data privacy and security very seriously. Your results are for your eyes only and will be handled in keeping with our privacy policy.

Service Differentiation and Information

Why is NiaHealth different than my regular family doctor / primary care provider?
  • NiaHealth includes 3-4x more lab tests than your average annual checkup in Canada. This includes heart, thyroid, metabolic, kidneys, liver, nutrients and more. See a list of all biomarkers we test for here.
  • We also use the most up-to-date, evidence-based reference ranges customized to your healthspan and longevity.
  • Our reports go well beyond your average 15 minute checkup and provide you with a level of insight and actionable recommendations that empowers you to take your health to the next level. See more about our products here.
Which biomarkers are covered in the blood test?

Our Basic offering includes the top 35 biomarkers related to your health and longevity, whereas our Essential and Plus offerings include a more comprehensive panel of 50 biomarkers. See biomarker comparison by plan here. These biomarkers provide insights into your cardiovascular health, liver function, kidney function, blood glucose levels, and various essential vitamins and minerals. Hormonal biomarkers are an add-on and can be selected at checkout. The hormonal biomarker panel is an add-on that can be selected upon checkout for $65 CAD. You can read more about each biomarker here.

Do I need a requisition to order a test?

NiaHealth provides a requisition that you will use so you don’t need to worry about this.

Medication, Treatment, and Logistics

Does NiaHealth prescribe medications?

No - we do not prescribe medication. However, we do provide, where applicable, suggestions. For interventions (including medications and supplements), we include a note of suggestions that you can discuss with your current medical team. Prescriptions are left to their discretion.

I have an existing illness or condition. Can you help treat it?

We offer advice to enhance your current health state, emphasizing prevention through exercise, nutrition, sleep, and emotional well-being but not medical management of existing illness. If we discover any incidental health issues, we provide suggestions for discussion with your primary care provider. While our suggestions impact overall health and various chronic conditions, comprehensive medical management of existing illnesses remains the responsibility of your current medical team.

What are my options for getting a blood draw?

Our standard pricing includes a blood draw in the comfort of your home or office via one of our licensed phlebotomists; this visit usually takes no longer than 15 minutes. If you are in Ontario, you can save $100 by going into any one of our partner lab locations.

Do I need to fast?

It is required that you fast for 8-12 hours for most tests. For this reason, we recommend that you plan for a morning test. For more information regarding our blood collection methods, click here.